New subtitled introductory video, information and resources available on our website

Our introductory video is now available with French and Spanish subtitles.  This video explains the role of the ocean and MPAs as nature-based solutions to help mitigate, adapt, and build resilience to the effects of climate change and introduces the International Partnership on MPAs, Biodiversity and Climate Change.

We have also added a new Join page for organisations interesting in joining the Partnership and a range of new resources to our Resources area. The new resources include:

  • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document for those seeking to learn more about the Partnership and the role of the ocean, MPAs and biodiversity in tackling climate change.
  • A collated set of quality external resources relating to MPAs, biodiversity and climate change from some of the leading organisations in the field of MPAs, biodiversity conservation and climate science, including the IUCN and NOAA.