Joining the International Partnership on MPAs, Biodiversity and Climate Change

Is your organisation…

  • Working to fill critical evidence gaps in the realm of MPA, biodiversity, and climate change research?
  • Keen to help communicate to decision makers the role of MPAs in tackling climate change?
  • Interested in contributing to a growing evidence base around MPA implementation and climate change mitigation?
  • Curious about international knowledge exchange to help conserve biodiversity across our global ocean?

Why join the International Partnership on MPAs, Biodiversity and Climate Change?

Becoming a Partner means:

  • Contributing to and benefiting from a growing international evidence base that will drive ambitious climate change policies.
  • Collaborating with international scientists to fill critical knowledge gaps in climate change, MPA, and biodiversity action.
  • Joining some of the world’s most ambitious international leaders on climate change and biodiversity conservation.
  • Actively engaging in science diplomacy and knowledge sharing, making the best use of resources and lessons learned from other countries.
  • Helping other countries to raise ambition and meeting key national and international commitments.
  • Accessing training and capacity building to help your country to deliver a well-managed network of climate smart MPAs.

What’s expected from Partners?

New Partners will be asked to sign the Partnership Agreement, a short non-legally binding document which outlines the commitments for joining the Partnership.

Your participation can be targeted in a number of ways, to make best use of the resource that you have available, but as a minimum you would be expected to actively participate in the twice-yearly All Partners Group.

You would be welcome to participate in our technical groups working on growing the evidence base and developing tools, case studies and approaches to climate change in the context of MPA implementation and management, drawing in scientific and policy expertise as you require from your respective country/organisation.

How do I become a member?

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Partnership and becoming a member, please contact us. There is no financial commitment to join the Partnership. Instead, we ask our partners to commit to actively engaging in the Partnerships’ work. Initial steps would be likely to include a more focused discussion to find out about your priorities and to share more information on the Partnership goals and objectives.

Credit Kelly Teich